Contributions and Donations

The U.S. Navy conducts a formal commissioning ceremony but cannot fund all the traditional celebrations and customs that welcome a new ship to the Fleet. These activities, which the Navy is prohibited from funding, help connect the ship with its namesake. Therefore, our committee accepted responsibility to fund and host these memorable events for the ship and her crew. Our goal is to raise enough to fully support events and bring this great ship into the Fleet. Target date for the ceremony is May 14th, 2022.

We ask that you provide a tax-deductible contribution toward creating an unforgettable experience for those who serve aboard USS Frank E. Petersen, Jr, as well as their families. We request your participation in these events to honor the ship, her Commanding Officer and crew. Help us establish a lifetime relationship with USS Frank E. Petersen Jr. Sailors. Join us in holding a superior commissioning event that celebrate the ship and perpetuate the memory of her illustrious predecessors.

Please select the most appropriate contribution level and send your contribution to Navy League Charleston Council for “USS Frank E. Petersen, Jr.” at P.O. BOX 62606, North Charleston SC, 29419. Please identify your point(s) of contact so we may acknowledge your contribution and keep you informed about the progress of commissioning events.

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